Friday, October 26, 2007

Survivor Thoughts - episode 1506:Schools Out

Do any of you watch Survivor? J and I have been diehard fans since season one and NEVER miss an episode. I've got to say last night's episode was one of the most disgusting ever. C'mon, eating chicken fetuses? I can't even imagine. Ugh!

So, my Survivor prediction for this season is that Denise (the lunch lady), Frosti and Todd will be the final three. James may have the hidden immunity idol but he may be thankful to Todd enough to give one of them back to him. Plus even if he had both of them they will keep voting him out until they can get him out. He's just way to strong to compete with individually. Todd feels somewhat indebted to Frosti for not sharing news about the hidden immunity idol, so he may pull him along to the end. And Denise, well, she's probably the best player so far. Strong enough in challenges to compete, but not too strong that people view her as a threat. Plus she has kept a low profile so far. And, that is the secret to success.

Any thoughts?

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