Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Uneventful Chaos

I'm still here - no babies yet.
Had another uneventful OB appointment today - will be 33 weeks tomorrow. Heartbeats still good, growth still good and I've gained a total of 42 pounds so far. Getting so big I can barely move around much. But I will take it for another 3 weeks or so - just to make sure these boys are a good enough size to be able to come home from the hospital right away.
I'm now at weekly appointments until the babies decide to arrive. Another ultrasound next week and I'm thinking that will probably be the last one since we only do them every 4 weeks and next week I'll be at 34 weeks plus. I don't foresee myself getting to 38 weeks without giving birth. Maybe I'm wrong, but I've been having more frequent BH contractions and I've been feeling pretty crampy at night and I think the nesting is starting to kick in some. Woke from a nap the other day with an overwhelming urge to organize things.
We've got to do some serious organizing too. The room is not even close to being ready. It is painted and the wallpaper border is hung but that is it! We've got to purchase the carpet, assemble all the furniture, put it in the room, finish washing clothes, and put them in the closets, and wash bottles/nuks, etc and get that stuff organized too. Hopefully it will all get done - I don't think we'll have much time for that after the boys get here. It'll be too chaotic then.
I've also been trying to cook and freeze casseroles so J and I have something to eat the first few weeks with new babies. Thank goodness work agreed to the part-time hours, with part-time vacation. It has helped immensely with my swelling and with my ability to get stuff done around here without complete exhaustion.
Still no names picked yet.

It seems like I wouldn't let J do anything for so long and now time seems to be running out and now I feel like I won't ever get all of the things done that I need to before the babies make their appearance. Having dealt with IF for so long I just couldn't let myself get ready for babies too early. I still struggle with that every day, and with each thing I buy, or wash, or put together. It is still just so hard to imagine that babies will be at the end of this all.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Traveling home for the shower my family had for me went well. I do know now why they tell pregnant women not to travel late in their pregnancies. The ride in the car was so uncomfortable - and it was only about 2 1/2 hours. It was great to see my family, who by the way were completely shocked by how huge I am! Of course they haven't seen me since February.
Then shower was beautiful and I have to say that my family and friends have been so generous! We have everything we need - I mean everything. I don't think we'll have to purchase anything for these two little bugs - except toys. That's one thing we didn't get any of - which is fine since they won't even know what toys are for about 6 months anyway. Diapers may be another thing - we did get lots but according to my estimated calculations what we got may only last us for about 2-3 weeks. Yikes! We also have enough gift cards to help with that too though.
So aside from getting the furniture delivered and set-up and actually in the room, I think we're on our way to being ready for these babies to arrive.

Had my 30 week appointment with Dr. OB yesterday which again, thankfully, went fine. Ultrasound showed Baby A vertex, still facing down (so no cute pictures - he must be shy or stubborn) and measuring 3lbs10ozs, and Baby B still transverse and measuring 4lbs3ozs. They are in the 57% and 63% for weight. That eases my mind quite a bit because I am very fearful of having them and they being too small and having to spend a lot of time in the NICU. But growth seems good and if they stay put for at least a few more weeks they should be good size to be able to come home right away after birth. Blood pressure still good, weight gain at 40 pounds (OMG) but I have so much swelling in my feet, ankles, and calves, that I think I'd lose a good 5-10 pounds if it weren't for them. I have been extremely tired lately too - I get up, get to work, and by 10am I'm ready for a nap. So, Dr. OB wrote me out of work half-time. I'm talking to my boss today about reducing my hours. I'm hoping it's OK with them and they don;t ask me to go out completely. I figure if I can work part-time I can stay until the babies are born. I just need a little more rest. Carrying 8 pounds of baby is tough - especially when you consider that I still have another 5-7 weeks to go.

Skipped childbirth class last night. We had a substitute teacher and I was completely exhausted. Figured I wouldn't miss too much. Next week's focus is on medication. Plus Thursday we have a parent's survival skills class where we will learn diaper changing, caring for umbilical cords and circumcisions, taking a temperature, giving a bath, and all other real-life practical things you'd need to know for baby. Looking forward to that one - A little secret about me - I have never changed a diaper in my life.