Friday, August 24, 2007

Reproductive Endo what?

Dr. GYN sends in the referral request for us to go to the RE. I wait anxiously until my insurance company approves it a few days after. I'm so excited! I can't wait to get pregnant and I just know that this is our answer. Gosh, it been over a year of ttc naturally, then adding just some progesterone to the mix thinking that would cure my LPD, and then waiting for poor J to go through additional testing and the varicolcele surgery. But now we're ready. Varicocele operated on (The surgery probably helped Dr. U to take a nice little vacation to the caribbean but it did nothing to improve the SA), and the RE surely has medication for my minor issues. Let's go!

I get the referral number, call to make the appointment, and am told that the first available appointment with a female doctor is in three months. Wow, I had no idea these docs were this busy. It must mean they are good at what they do. Allright, I'll wait the three months. We'll probably get pregnant on our own before then anyway.

BTW...I should have taken any appointment male or female becuase I would come to find out that I would hardly ever see my own RE, it would just be whomever was on duty that day.

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