Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back to the story

So, we didn't end up magically pregnant on our own while waiting the three months for the RE appointment. Did you really thing I was one of those lucky people you hear about all the time? Let me tell you from experience...those things don't happen as often as the world would like you to think. So, if you are expecting that please take my advice and get those thoughts out of your mind right now. It only hurts worse when AF arrives if you are expecting to magically fall pregnant and you have a medical condition that is preventing that from happening.
The first visit with Ms. RE was not really what I expected. I guess I expected her to be really optimistic and enthusiastic about getting me pregnant. She was more matter of fact about the whole issue and then told me I'd have to have additional testing done. No matter that Dr. GYN had already done the HSG and the endo biopsy. Now there were going to be more tests. Hooray.
I have to have what is called a saline sono-HSG. There's the real name for it but it has about 5 gazillion letters in it. I can't spell it or even pronounce it. This is where they put a small balloon catheter into your uterus so they can inject saline solution into it and see if there is any uterine scarring, fibroids, polyps, or anything else inside your uterus that may prevent an embryo from implanting. It is not supposed to hurt - just take a few Advil prior to the test. And, it has to be done before your ovulation time so they are sure that you are not pregnant.
There's also the list of blood work which has to be done, and all on a specific day of your cycle.
Of course, J and I are super excited to be getting started so I immediately schedule the blood work and saline sono-HSG as soon as possible. I've got to get this all done so we can start working on getting pregnant.

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