Monday, August 27, 2007

Dr. Jeckell and Mrs. Hyde

We started IUI's with clomid in February 2004. If you have taken clomid before then you understand the title of this post very well. They say that side effects are mild but everyone I know who has taken it has had them. The hot flashes are unreal. Now I know what to expect with menopause. And let me tell you they get worse the longer you are on it - at least for me they did.

J's numbers were always on the low side. Usually they were anywhere from 1million to about 8million post-wash. Not terrible but not great either. I always hated it when nurses would say the old, "well it only takes one." Drives me nuts! Yeah, if it really only took one then why do they consider normal SA's to have more than 20million??

We did three clomid cycles before Dr. RE thought that there was something showing on one of my u/s scan pics. Possibly another polyp. I thought that these things didn't really come back?!? Now I'm worried about why they are growing back but Dr. RE assures me that sometimes they do and it's probably nothing to worry about.

Sure enough the saline sono-hsg showed another polyp so we have to postpone additional cycles and schedule another surgery. And again, the thyroid is out of whack so another dose increase.

With all of the doctor appointments, and now surgeries I'm having, I have to quickly learn how to make up stories about what kind of procedures I'm having to tell my boss and co-workers. But I do feel relieved - maybe the whole reason I'm having difficulty getting pregnant is because of these polyps? Being sure that they're gone will surely ensure that I'll get a positive. Just a few months sidetracked and I'm sure that BFP is in sight.

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