Sunday, August 26, 2007

Testing begins

Cycle day 3 bloodwork done - check

Saline sono-hsg on cycle day 7. Pop my three Advil and off to the RE's office. Not too worried since I've had a normal dye-HSG before and it didn't really hurt too much. Just a little uncomfortable.

Exam room 3 (I will come to know this particular room so well). Nurse says the familiar, "undress from the waist down, please." Those damn paper covers never seem to cover what they are supposed to. I think they were made for someone who is a size 2; not your average size woman. Doc comes in and because my RE works with a medical school I get to have a resident do my test. Now I really feel like a guinea pig. If you think that a medical test can be nerve wracking add a not-so-skilled resident to the mix and see where that takes your anxiety level.

Insert catheter, expand balloon, looking at uterus. Oh, what's that we see? Seems to be a polyp. That must come out before we can start fertility treatments.

Surgery? I've never had surgery. This is pretty frightening. But it turns out OK, just outpatient surgery and Dr. RE removes the polyp. It's sent out for testing and comes back benign. Whew! Now, just a slight dose increase in the thyroid medicine because that seems to have gone haywire, and we can finally get started with the IUI's.

This whole ordeal has just added 4 more months to this saga.

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