Friday, August 1, 2008


Today was my 34 week OB appointment and, well, I guess it was not as uneventful this time as I would have liked. Nothing too serious but still some things to cause me worry.
The ultrasound went great. Both babies looked good, with good heartbeats. Both of these bugs are camera shy and we haven't seen anything but their backs and the backs of their heads for the past three ultrasound scans. At the end of the scan the tech gave me their estimated weights - Baby A is at 4lbs6ozs, and Baby B is at 6lbs1oz. The she says that can't be right because last time they were both measuring a week ahead and now Baby B is still a week ahead but Baby A is a week behind.
I then go into a different room for my appointment with Dr. OB. She says that the growth discordance is not a huge problem at this point - they may just end up being different size people. But (I hate the But) she wants to do a NST exam just to be sure that there isn't placental problems or overcrowding going on - in which case we'd have to deliver. Add to that the fact that the amniotic fluid level for Baby A is starting to get lower and we may be looking at some IntraUterine Growth Issues. Common in 1 out of 4 twin pregnancies.
So, I will have a NST exam weekly until delivery at this point.
The other glitch today was that my blood pressure is looking a little higher than normal. Normally it's on the low side and it is starting to go up - not high at this point but higher than MY normal. So, she wants to keep a closer eye on that. So, I have to have that checked once a week now also. Another common problem in a twin pregnancy.

So, neither issue seems to be completely out of control at this point, but both will still require some extra monitoring. I'm glad though that we're so close to being considered full-term at this point. That is one thing that really eases my mind a bit. I feel like they would both be OK should we have to deliver at any time.
I am going to try not to worry too much - and hope that we're just going to end up with one little chunky baby and one little peanut.


Kim said...

34w2d is fantastic - you'll have two good sized babies. And those ultrasound results aren't always accurate - they may be closer in weights than they're telling you now. Mine were the opposite - they told us they would both be close to 6 pounds - one was 5lb10oz the other 7lb8oz!

A peanut and a pudgeball.
Every day from here on in they're getting a little stronger and a little bigger.

Keep them in as long as you can and I wish you a wonderful labor and delivery and 2 healthy babies!

Malloryn said...

34 weeks (and 2 days)... wow... you are doing so well for your boys! It must be a relief to know that you're close to full term for twins. I hope the exams go well and that everything keeps humming along. We're looking forward to meeting the little bugs soon!

Pink-CJ said...

WOW!! HOw exciting! THey are almost here!!!

Pink-CJ said...

WOW!! HOw exciting! THey are almost here!!!

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