Sunday, June 8, 2008

Crying Spells

My sisters mailed out the invitations for the shower they are having for me. I cried when I got it in the mail - It is so cute. A Noah's Ark picture since we're having two. It's planned for fourth of July weekend and I am praying that Dr. OB allows me to travel for it. It's about 3 hours away and I'll be 30 weeks at that point. She was a bit hesitant to let me go 2 hours away last month. I really want to travel home for it - after all they planned, plus the fact that I haven't seen my family since winter.
My co-workers are also planning a shower for the same week - during the week though after work one evening. I cried when they told me about it and they emailed the invite to all staff. Dealing with other people's pregnancies after our loss and subsequent months of treatment, I can honestly say that I was not the nicest person to be around at work. It is a lot to deal with and we are all entitled to our feelings and coping mechanisms. It's just very nice of them to still plan a shower for me, even though I didn't attend either of the past two they've had for other people in the past year.
J and I went garage sale-ing and found a ton of baby clothes for all ages from newborn to 2 years. They were so cute - I cried when I got them home and started sorting them by age. Ducks and frogs and trucks. So many cute little tiny clothes. Hard to imagine that we will have two little people wearing them soon.
It has een extremely HOT here the past few days and I am really swollen in my ankles and hands. Nothing extreme enough to warrant medical attention but not comfortable either. I cried the other day because my feet were so swollen that it almost hurt to walk.

Are you noticing a pattern here? I have suddenly become an emotional wreck. The tiniest things set me off and I can't control it.

Don't EVER watch Finding when you are hyper-emotional. I could NOT stop the tears last night while watching that movie. The part where the Dad tells the baby fish egg that he'll never let anything happen to him (like in the beginning of the movie) is when the tears started and continued throughout the entire movie. Every scene showing how much the Dad loved his and every kick I felt during the movie set off the water works.
I never imagined it was possible to love two people (whom I've yet to meet) so much and I just keep praying that things continue to go as planned and we can meet these bugs in about 90 days.


Fertilized said...

Ah so sweet .... I do hope tht you get to travel and have the best showers imaginable. It does feel very overwhelming with emotions. I have done my fair share of crying myself

K @ ourboxofrain said...

It's all going by so quickly, and yet so slowly at the same time. It is totally overwhelming. I really hope you get to travel for your shower and that all of them are wonderful and filled with love and support.

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

So exciting! Aside from the crying spells (which I can totally identify with especially over the past few days), it sounds like things are progressing beautifully! HUGS!