Tuesday, June 10, 2008


OB appointment went well again yesterday. Ultrasound was good - both babies were facing toward my back and wouldn't roll over so we didn't get many good pictures. But growth is good and both babies still are measuring close in size to one another. One baby is 2.4 pounds and the other is 2.5 pounds. Both have hair too. Baby A is head down and B is transverse (is that right??) and sitting in my chest right now, which explains my inability to breathe.
Everything else is normal except I failed my Glucose Challenge Test. Result came back at 160 and should have been under 140. Now I'll have to do the 3-hour fasting test sometime in the next two weeks. Hopefully this one goes better and I don't really have Gestational Diabetes.
They also noticed that one baby's left kidney is slightly larger than the right. If it remains only a slight difference, as long as he's able to urinate when he's born we're OK. If the discrepancy in the sizes grows he'll have to see a urologist when he's born and possibly have surgery to correct what could be a urinary tract obstruction caused by a congenital defect. Hopefully that won't happen. It is hard not to freak out when your OB says, "Now don't get upset..." But after hearing what she had to say and doing a little research myself (albeit at Goo.gle University) I do feel fairly confident that even if there is a problem it is correctable and nothing really life-threatening.

I think I'm starting to have Brax.ton Hick.s too. Not sure, because I don't know what they're supposed to feel like, but I do think that's what's happening today. Mostly when I sit in my horribly uncomfortable chair at work. If I get out of the chair and move around they go away. Feels like cramps though. I'm assuming it's normal since they go away when i change positions but if you've got any thoughts on them, please share.

Next appointment - 2 weeks


Pink-CJ said...

Good Luck! I look to you for support!!

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

Sounds like BH contractions to me. Just take it easy and drink some water when they come on. If they go away you are fine...if not, call the dr asap!

So glad things are continuing to go well! HUGS!