Thursday, March 13, 2008

14 week appointment

Had my appointment with OB yesterday and got to have an ultrasound beforehand. I'll be having an ultrasound every 4-6 weeks because of the twins. I was so nervous, to say the least. J too. I think we were both on the verge of nervous breakdown. The tech must have thought I was crazy because I was just about hyperventilating.
The tech and J had a different screen to look at than I did because they were standing facing the opposite way than the way I was laying on the table. When she put the wand on and the image appeared I just about lost it. It didn't look like it was moving at all and it was so far away I couldn't make out a heartbeat. She must have known I was about to freak out because she said that they were both moving around like acrobats and then she proceeded to point out both little hearts beating away. Of course, that brought my tears right away.
We got to see arms and legs, and feet, and hands, and bladders, and what I think will be their genius brains. And did they ever move; they would NOT sit still for one minute. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be feeling those kicks and they will be very welcome, each and every one of them.
She measured their heart rates and they were 153 and 164. And they were both similar in size which I guess is good with twins, so one is not growing faster than the other.
She asked us if we wanted to know the gender but we said not yet. We're still undecided about that.
After that I met with Dr. OB and all she did was tell me my cervix length was fine (at 43mm) and all bloodwork came back normal. She brought out the doppler too but the twins must have been facing my back at that point because she could barely pick up a muffled sound. I tell ya if she had done that first, before the scan, I would have definitely been sick. I hate those dopplers.
My next appointment won't be for another month. I had hoped for sooner as we had talked about more frequent appointments but she said growth was good and no need to come back for another 4 weeks. At least I'll have another scan then. And I think at that point it will be our Level II.

We got over one more hurdle, we got three great pics and we finally told the rest of our family.


Fertilized said...

Awesome news! I feel like I may hyperventilate at every appointment. I was very undecided about finding the sex out - So i understand that. I waited until our lvl 2 and caved

K @ ourboxofrain said...

What fantastic news!! I'm so happy for you guys! I also get that panicky feeling at the start of each appointment -- and I also had to have the heartbeat pointed out -- it's prettyt tough to see when you're lying on a table like that. I'm hoping that when we start to feel movement some of the panic will subside. We just scheduled our Level II -- April 14, one month from today. Crazy.

Malloryn said...

Wonderful news :)

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

YAY! So glad to hear that things went well! I know the waiting is the worst, but believe it or not, you get used to it and four weeks can fly by. Can't wait to hear about your Level II! :) HUGS!